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We'd love to hear from you.  Click here to send us your testimony, along with photos, and we will post it here on our website:  email to:  info@ftaspay.org

"We are so thankful for FTA Spay! We needed to get both our cats neutered and they were more than willing to assist. They were able to get us a great low price and because our work schedules are busy they were nice enough to meet us close t...o our home and take them to and from the clinic! We will definitely recommend FTA Spay to our friends who need to spay or neuter their pets and want to do so at a low cost. They are here to support families and their pets, as well as serve the community! Thank You FTA Spay!"

Kim & Moo

"Thank you Monica, My dogs and I greatly appreciate it!!!!"

Paul, Sasha, & Roxie

Hello Monica,  staff at the Menifee Animal clinic took this lovely picture of Phoenix and I when I picked him up after his surgery this afternoon. Thank you again so much for your help! Wags Iris

MORGAN . . . "We're definitely spreading the word of this awesome program!"

CIN ALFONSO . . . "FTA is wonderful!! Thank you for all you do!!"

ELIZABETH . . . "Thank you again for your help and for all that you do!"
MARCH 2014

I wanted to thank you again for this program. My son Jared took his dog Nacho to be spayed last Saturday. She is recovering wonderfully! We are so happy to finally have her fixed.
APRIL 2014

Paul Sibayan ~ It is I who should thank you, FTA and the Menifee Animal Clinic for this cost savings public service. I have already shared info about FTA with others.

Connie Nadratowski ~ Just wanted to thank you for all of your help!  Both dogs have been spayed and neutered.   I am singing their praises to any one who will listen.  just for information...   I did not use any of the other assisted payments. I honestly thought the $45.00 was more than reasonable.  Thank You Again!!

Kristina Michelle Tuttle ~ Thank you!
June 2014

Thank you for your prompt response via email, with the instructions. I appreciate it. <3
Kornelia Sulik

July 2014

Nance W. Fernwood:  "Way to spay! Thanks for helping our community."

Brad Blaylock: 
"Have used your services for several of my rescues. The service that you provide is great. I have recommended your service to all my friends and Facebook followers. Thank you for providing a valuable service for our communities."

Deborah Rescue-Damon:
"The FTA Spay people are amazing!"

Michele Deleusomme:
"Luke got his microchip last Saturday in Menifee. Thank you FTA Spay for helping to assist pets in reuniting with their loved ones sooner"
August 2014

Thank you for all the work you do. I have referred so many people to your website for help. When you do rescue as I do, there are truly so many people that just cannot afford $200.00-$300.00 to fix their cat. This is truly such a blessing. So is Dr. Popa. 

God Bless You, Valarie
September 2014

Heather Hopkins Thomas...'FTA Spay is awesome! Two of my pets have been fixed through this great organization. Both experiences were top notch! What a fantastic program! I recommend them all the time. Thank you FTA Spay! You are doing the work of angels.'

Morgan Dulak...You have helped us immensely! Thank you and keep up the awesome work!  We support this great organization 110%.
November 2014

This is Willow and Lexie, both rescue dogs, within two days of their spay with FTAspay. I have worked rescue for years and stumbled across this group. I cannot give enough praise at the positive experience for both me and the dogs. The procedure to pay and get an appointment is quick and painless...the Clinic in Menefee that is used is WONDERFUL. The dogs are well taken care of and the actual surgery went super smooth. The clinic is clean and the staff professional and super caring and nice. Both dogs came home with teeny tiny incisions that were glued shut. The girls did not even notice them and had absolutely no inclination to lick at the wound. I would give them a 100 score in a 1-10 rating.

Won't go anywhere else!

Debbie Thompson
February 2015

Dear FTA Spay,
I just wanted to say thank you for all your organization does to help people afford spay neuter locally.  I just recently took in a kitten that my sister and I had to bottle feed until she was old enough to get spayed. I had been working on paying off debt of my dog who had 5 surgeries already and the thought of a $200 surgery was too much to pile on top. Thanks to your cat grant, I got my new member of my family, Sophia, spayed and microchipped for $15. If this offer wasn't around, I might have had to wait another 6 months or more to be able to afford the procedure! 

Thank you so much,
Zia Bossenmeyer
August 2015

Our family can't thank you enough for the much needed help to have pongo fixed and at the absolute minimum. so far he seems fine and is very active as if nothing were even performed on him. i'm glad we went to you guys and will refer others to your clinic because of the great experience. thanks for your help and we hope you know it was appreciated.

John LoSchiavo
Watson says
"Thank you
sooooooo much!"
October 2015

Just to share Jenny's story and want you to know what a difference you're making. I'm sure you hear it all the time. Got blasted with requests few months back about a dog at Riverside shelter who was sweet on intake but became aggressive after giving birth (duh). Whole family was scheduled for euthanasia. Fast forward 3 months. All but one pup adopted. Jenny the mom getting spayed tomorrow. Two babies done this week and the rest to follow. Couldn't do it without you guys!!  .......... Kathy

Thank you so much. We appreciate your help.you so much. We appreciate your help.  ........... Eiffel

I can't thank you enough. I've been searching for information with affordable prices to neuter and couldn't find any close to what we could afford during these trying times. I'll definitely be making the appointment online. We'll be coming from Fontana.    ......Rona

Spay & Neuter ~
the way to a No-Kill Natio
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... and beyond
Sterilize ~ Protect ~ Advocate ~ Yes, we will!
November 2015

I think your efforts for animals is wonderful.   We have 3 rescued dogs and just had the last one neutered.  Your have a well run clinic!  Thanks for your commitment to dogs and cats!!! ... Corene
January 2016

The difference FTA Spay is making for the Anza animals is incredible. Thank you so much for all of the time, energy and help... Natasha
April 2016

Thank you FTA Spay for your help in making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged cats. It is a wonderful organization with great people who very much care about taking care of homeless and community cats. They were very understanding of my situation and offered and found me a great deal of help. They are very compassionate and caring.  Thank you again for all of your help. Lisa M. ... Thank you so much!!!  I really appreciate the information and all you do     your organization is extremely responsive and very helpful!  I wish all my business dealings could be this easy  That's all for now.  Thanks!   --- Mike Clark
July 2016

Thanks, so much. ELVIRA, was spayed, yesterday, without a hitch. Great place with kind caring staff.   I will definitely be passing this on to anyone I encounter with a non neutered pet.  Thanks again for the work you do. 

~Denise J.~
October 2016


Thank you so much for all the great information you provided. We are so excited to be a part of the many people that help with controlling the pet population. My husband is a very passionate pet lover and has influenced me as well. We Thank you so much again for taking the time out to help us and for guiding us in the right direction. We will pass on the information to our friends and family about your organization to control the pet population. Thank you again so much.