Vision and Mission Statement:

The Vision of FTAspay is a No-Kill community, where dogs and cats are no longer euthanized because they are homeless.

The Mission of FTAspay is to end animal shelter euthanasia through targeted, affordable spay/neuter and microchipping.

Primary Activities and Goals:

The primary objective and purpose of this charitable, not-for-profit corporation is to provide quality affordable sterilization of companion animals for pet guardians who would otherwise not pay the high price to have their pets altered.

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Don't Breed or Buy while Shelter Animals Die! 
Please adopt an animal companion from your
local shelter or rescue organization. 
Save a Life!  Thank you
As of  December 31, 2016:  
10,085  dogs and cats spayed and neutered

2,306 dogs and cats microchipped
FTAspay is a nonprofit Spay-Neuter assistance organization.  We have partnered with Menifee Animal Clinic, a division of Ramona Humane Society, to offer the most affordable spay-neuter services in the Lake Elsinore - Temecula Valley.  In addition to affordable, quality pet sterilization, FTAspay holds $10 Microchip Clinics throughout the year at a variety of locations in our community.

Donations are needed to fund our efforts and help us reach Our Goal!   Together, we can end pet overpopulation and create a No-Kill community in the Lake Elsinore - Temecula valley.
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the way to a No-Kill Natio
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For The Animals Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic
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Many Thanks to International Society for Animal Rights, ISAR, for their commitment to ending animal shelter euthanasia. (Spay/Neuter PSA billboard was up for one month on Grand Ave in Lake Elsinore)
FTAspay has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
FTAspay has traps to loan so You can help community cats.  See our TNR page.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, effective January 7, 2017, FTAspay's online Spay-Neuter pricing for dogs will be temporarily suspended.  PayPal payment for a dog spay or neuter must be made by January 6 and appointments scheduled with Menifee Animal Clinic no later than January 31. 

We apologize for this disruption in service and will inform you if and when our discounted pricing again becomes available for dogs.

Please schedule Spay-Neuter appointments for dogs directly with Menifee Animal Clinic, (951) 679-7370, at their everyday low prices.  If you need additional Spay-Neuter discounts, check our Resources page.

Our online $30 Spay-Neuter pricing for cats is still available.  Thank You!
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$30 All Cats (domestic & feral)

FTAspay is proud to ring in the New Year with over 10,000 Spays & Neuters to date, thanks to our partnership with Menifee Animal Clinic